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Frogman Team WIP

So, here are some shots of my team so far.  I knew I wanted to have Purple/Blue and White in the colour scheme, however, I wasn't really sure where I was going with it or how it would end up. SO I researched frogs and toads, in the colours I was interested in, and in… Continue reading Frogman Team WIP

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Fresh Orcs (Da Tuff Nutz’)

Games Workshop Converted Orcs I have started my new paint job on my team, with the Black Orcs. They were the least finished of them all. I'm not changing the colour scheme much, apart from removing the gold/bronze, and I am making their trousers a bright white, instead of dirty white. I wanted the to… Continue reading Fresh Orcs (Da Tuff Nutz’)

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Colour Storming

Stealing colours from pictures.When I can't decide on what colours I want to use for a team, I search for things on google. Find the picture, and make the following:I don't always stick to them however, but it's a start for me. The lizard at the top is what I will try to use for… Continue reading Colour Storming

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Stadium Scenery Update

  So that's what it is then. Stadium Scenery. Above is how the tower was before the extra bits I ordered from Tabletop-Art  arrived (most excited about the door) and I realised where I was going to put it on my small tower was too small, so I went about rebuilding and de-bricking. Which was… Continue reading Stadium Scenery Update

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Terrain and Scenery: Zinge

I thought I would share a few of the places I bought terrain and scenery from.Those I could remember anyway. When I was trying to find things to use, I realised I had no idea where to start. Obviously Comixininos, but they're stuff is often out of stock, and a little to much for me.So… Continue reading Terrain and Scenery: Zinge