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Cities: Skylines (XBOX ONE)

Cities: Skylines is a game from PC, ported to XBOX ONE. MAny worried about how it would work but it seems to be getting ok reviews. As far as I can see it is about 4+ stars. A little history, I played Sims 1 and 2 a lot when I was younger, and Zoo/Roller coaster… Continue reading Cities: Skylines (XBOX ONE)

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Oh dear

My creative juices are almost at a standstill. From my bad go at the Witches flesh, I have since tried again and just really not feeling it. So I tried to paint one of my Warpstone Driverz' and the model snapped. I then started to paint the "Troll and Brain" model from the same team,… Continue reading Oh dear

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Fresh Orcs (Da Tuff Nutz’)

Games Workshop Converted Orcs I have started my new paint job on my team, with the Black Orcs. They were the least finished of them all. I'm not changing the colour scheme much, apart from removing the gold/bronze, and I am making their trousers a bright white, instead of dirty white. I wanted the to… Continue reading Fresh Orcs (Da Tuff Nutz’)

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Design Home (Reminiscent of Sims?)

I know what you're thinking, does this count as a game? But honestly, it's been keeping me so entertained. One of my intro games when I was little, along with Zoo Tycoon and some fish feeding game online, was The Sims. The part I liked the most was the building and designing the houses. I… Continue reading Design Home (Reminiscent of Sims?)

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Sukubus Witch Team Indiegogo

Sukubus Studios Witches Team (Dark Elves) So here it is, the second Sukubus team I own. It is hard to take pictures and they aren’t even base coated yet, but they are at least on bases! I pledged to the Witches Team  because I love my Valkyries and honestly, I saw the cheerleaders for this… Continue reading Sukubus Witch Team Indiegogo

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My First Blood Bowl Team.

Meet Da Tuff' Nutz I am aware even this team isn't finished. I look at this team very rarely any more, but when I took the following photos, it reminded me of how I loved them. They were converted from GW Black orcs and some Orc Boyz from 40k I think. It was so long… Continue reading My First Blood Bowl Team.

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Terrain and Scenery: Tabletop-Art

Another great place to buy terrain and scenery. Now this order came to just over 70 Euros... There was a deal on shipping if you spent a certain amount. I only wanted two things at the start. The Second is Tabletop-Art. Tabletop-Art have a great range of items on their store. A great place to… Continue reading Terrain and Scenery: Tabletop-Art