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Best Painted Nominations and Summary

My unfinished Chaos team got nominated for best painted. They clearly weren't going to win, but it was nice to be nominated, I wasn't expecting it at all! And overall, I really enjoyed this weekend. I didn't exactly enjoy my dice rolls, but I didn't have a single disagreeable opponent, and that was nice! Winners


Soulless Mutilators in progress shots.

Did I mention magnets? I've never magnetised anything but bases before, and I think I've thrown myself into the deep end.  At first I was drilling a recess into the arm, and into the socket. I found it easier to drill the size of both magnets into the socket, and have the magnet external on… Continue reading Soulless Mutilators in progress shots.


Soulless Mutilators (update)

I have some almost finished. Here's an in progress of my Minotaur. He needs a little more work, but he's mostly done.  I have three Beastmen in a similar state.  Now to get on with the Other 10..  I've just started an NVQ, and I've been a little sick. It makes me feel really lazy… Continue reading Soulless Mutilators (update)

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Stadium Update

I've been working a little on my storage room/tower! It is not finished yet. Going to add some weathering effects and more shadows as well as the light being finished with a glow shown on the building. It will also have sandbags on the top; a barrels or two by the door with a lantern… Continue reading Stadium Update

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Fresh Orcs (Da Tuff Nutz’)

Games Workshop Converted Orcs I have started my new paint job on my team, with the Black Orcs. They were the least finished of them all. I'm not changing the colour scheme much, apart from removing the gold/bronze, and I am making their trousers a bright white, instead of dirty white. I wanted the to… Continue reading Fresh Orcs (Da Tuff Nutz’)

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Green Ratz Update

Going forward, the new name for these posts will be "Warpstone Driverz"! It took me a while to think of a team name and of team colours. I started the model with no clue where I was going with it. I started painting the back green, for warpstone, and my brain was just trailing around… Continue reading Green Ratz Update

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Halfling Update!

Just a quick post about my in progress Halfling team. And honestly, I started playing Chaos on the Xbox One, BB2 game, and now I think I'll probably play those at the NAF Championship. That is if they arive on time. I pledged for them on Indiegogo and there have been a few issues. Anyway,… Continue reading Halfling Update!

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Trying something new.

I have decided to try and make some stadium scenery!It's definitely a work in progress, using materials I've not used much before and trying different methods and ideas to see what works. I've yet to actually have an end goal, I haven't even drawn a plan. I may just do it a4 size, or I'll… Continue reading Trying something new.