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Frustration and progress.

I love how clean and tidy the resin miniatures are as part of this team, but the metal ones are more delicate than they look! Cleaning of the flash and mold lines is leading to broken edges of the miniatures! The arms on my monsters aren't fitting together as easy as I would like, but… Continue reading Frustration and progress.

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Skull Devils

Today I picked up my Skull Devils team from the post office. I pledged towards the Green Ratz team Goblin Guild created, and I pledged to this one because I loved those models so much, and thought they would go great together. I even have a case just for these two teams, exciting!! I opened… Continue reading Skull Devils

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Frogman Team WIP

So, here are some shots of my team so far.  I knew I wanted to have Purple/Blue and White in the colour scheme, however, I wasn't really sure where I was going with it or how it would end up. SO I researched frogs and toads, in the colours I was interested in, and in… Continue reading Frogman Team WIP